When should you fire your SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that quality and quantity of traffic to your website increases in the various search engines so that your website can be accessed easily by many internet users and especially those looking for links related to your website. Therefore the SEO agency such asĀ scottkeeverseo.com/honolulu-seo/ you chose to work with has to ensure that you are visible and in business.

There are many things to look at when working with an SEO agency and when you can not get what you want then you need to fire your SEO.

So When should you fire your SEO?

1. When they can not make you understand what they do.

As a client, you must understand how the SEO agency will increase traffic for your website, The agency has the duty to ensure that you understand in the simplest language possible the process that they use to increase the quantity and quality of traffic. So that when they explain the process, you are convinced that they are having a legit process and you feel confident with their work. If you feel that they have not made you to comprehend their process, you should realize it time to fire your SEO and the question when should your SEO should be answered by action. It is better to feel confident about the efficiency and effectiveness of an agency than to keep hoping that they are good.

2. When the reporting system of the SEO is poor

Every client needs a company that can respond to their needs adequately and timely, a company that gives regular updates and is easily reached when needed. Your SEO agency should give a provision for you to have a unique number that you can use to raise any complaints or compliments, they should have a regular way of giving you a report on any changes that occur at least on a regular basis. An SEO agency should be within reach either through phones or emails or any other platforms, it can be frustrating to call a line that goes unanswered severally, it is even worse to write emails that go unanswered. If your company does not have such provisions or seizes to provide such a platforms for them to be reached through, do not as yourself when should you fire your SEO but actually let them go and check for the next agency that is proactive with reporting.

3. When you do not see any traffic increase

The main reason why one engages SEO agency is to build their reach so that they can be seen by their potential clients. You need to be keen in monitoring your analytics, if you notice that there is no increase of traffic to your website after sometimes at least six months depending on the your area of operation, you should realize that the responsible company is not working on your website to grow. When your traffic is not growing just know that you will soon be out of market. So when should you fire your SEO? When they can not help you penetrate the market, you have no business maintaining them.