Tips on Starting a Custom Bags Business

If you have a flair for making and designing handbags, it can be a great opportunity for you to earn money on the side. In fact, there are people who are earning money with custom printed tote bags and have made it their main source of livelihood. A business like this is not only an avenue for you to pursue your artistry and creativity. It is also a good means to earn a lucrative income out of something you are passionate about.

Create something unique

One way of ensuring that you will have a market that will be interested in buying your product is to create something that is not available yet out there. Create something unique, different. Scoop out other similar businesses that offer similar products and see what they offer and what they do not. This will help you conceptualize print designs for your bags that will effectively grab the intended buyers’ attention.

Invest in the right printing equipment

You will find that there are several methods that you can employ when it comes to getting the tote bags custom-printed.

If you want to go the easiest way, direct to the garment is the way to go. A special inkjet technology that has been modified is used for the printing process. But it is only ideal for low quantity production.

Sublimation is a good choice if you want to keep colors crisp and vivid upon transferring them onto the bag. But it only usually works for certain types of fabric thus, making it a not so versatile choice.

If you want prints that are sharper, digital heat technology might be worth looking into. Since they are pressed onto the bag’s surface, it creates a permanent bond, ensuring that the print perfectly adheres to the surface. However, the resulting colors will not usually be as vivid.

If you expect to go large with your production though, screen-printing may be the most ideal for you. If you are going to use white or off-white surfaces for printing, the color should easily match. If you stick to these colors for your tote bag fabrics, then the results will be impressive.

There is also offset printing. The prints produced by this method are durable and won’t easily fade too. Many consider it as a very cost-effective method, especially for home based printing setups.

It is important to review all these options and get the one that is most appropriate for your startup needs.

Start small first

You want to create a few stocks. You will want to use this as a means to measure the response of your buyers for the product. Gather feedback from buyers too and see if there are things that you can use to tweak your designs to make it more appealing.

Personalized products are in

At a time where almost everything seems to be mass-produced, more and more emphasis is placed on things that stand out and are unique, different. The demand for products that are personalized is ever on the rise. This is the reason why many businesses today that offer personalized products or services are gaining considerable popularity. If you will do this right, custom-printed tote bags can be a lucrative business for you.