Why you should only stay at a family run Bed and Breakfast

If you are planning to run a bed and breakfast business, you have to find a system that will make your business more organized and efficient. Make a list of things you have to do from the time you get up in the morning till the evening. If you have staff helping you, assign them tasks and delegate work so that more tasks can be finished on time. Follow these tips to run bed and breakfasts more efficiently:

1. The first task of the day is to prepare breakfast for your guests. You can start to prepare the breakfast table (plates, silverware, etc.) the night before so that you can serve the food promptly. You don’t want guests to wait for their breakfast, especially if they have appointments in the morning. Breakfasts are always provided free at B&Bs. If you have more than one dish to offer, ask guests what meal they prefer for breakfast the next day.

2. It helps to have an automatic timed coffee maker that can start brewing coffee even before you wake up. Early risers will appreciate this. When you have people who help you run bed and breakfast, ask them to check on guests who are awake to find out if they need anything like fresh bathroom supplies or towels. Have staff place some flower vases around the inn with freshly cut flowers.

3. Clean the dining area right after guests eat breakfast. Don’t bother washing dishes yet that can wait in your kitchen. No one can see the messy dishes inside your kitchen anyway. Make sure that other guests who wake up late come down to a clean dining area. New guests coming in will also want to see sanitary dining areas when they check in.

4. You and your employees who help you run a bed and breakfast can check rooms after guests leave. Replace soiled linens and towels and replenish toiletries. Empty ashtrays if you allow smoking in rooms and get rid of trash in each room in the morning. Have staff arrange common areas, so the place looks clean and neat when guests return to the Inn later on.

5. Dump used towels and linens in the washer. You can double task by doing the dishes while waiting for the washer or dryer to do its job. You can even do your books or entertain incoming guests at the same time. Tidy up the reception area and organize brochures and business cards at your welcome counter.

6.Once the hectic morning settles down, you can relax a bit and take an hour or two of rest. Then you can do errands like running to the supermarket for supplies, paying utility bills, do some accounting, and make business calls. If you have a website (which you should), add fresh reading material to keep it updated. Check on your online bookings and reply to emails.

There are more details to take care of if you need to run bed and breakfast. These tips are just the tip of the iceberg. One way to get more helpful tips is by joining B&B organizations and talking to other members. You should pick up good advice from them too. Do some research on the net while you wait for new customers to arrive.