When would you need to see a urologist

A large number of people ignore serious symptoms simply because they don’t want to discuss it with a doctor. If you have urinary tract issues or problems with your prostate, don’t let shame prevent you from being examined by your doctor, here are some of the signs that may show you that you might want to see a urologist i.e. Bakersfield Specialist.

Urinary frequency

In many cases the strong desire to urinate increases with a bladder infection. If the bladder is infected, spasms occur. This makes the person think they need to go to the restroom, but they don’t. A urologist can conduct a test to check for a bladder infection. In elderly males, the urinary frequency with small output may also be a sign of an enlarged prostate. A urologist needs to do a complete physical test to make his diagnoses.

Inability to Urinate

Some people develop small deposits called stones in their urinary tract. In the event the stone is large enough, it can block the ureters or the urethra. In either case, the urinary output is reduced or stopped completely. Pain in the backside or lower abdomen is usually experienced with kidney stones. In males, this may also be a sign of an enlarged prostate. If the prostate is enlarged, it can push the bladder so that it is difficult to urinate

Pain in lower abdomen

Pain in the lower abdomen can point to a variety of problems. However, if the pain is accompanied by urinary frequency, burning during urination, or the lack of ability to urinate, you need to see a urologist. A simple test can be done to check for an infection.


This can be blamed on vaginal infections, weak muscles or other disorders. A urologist is needed to diagnose the cause of the problem. He or she will run some blood work, x-rays, and a thorough physical tests to get to the cause of the condition. Treatment may include an alteration in diet, medication, weight loss regimen and exercises. Once again, it’s critical for your urologist to determine the underlying causes

Prostate and bladder cancer 

If you are diagnosed with prostate and bladder cancer, you will want to visit a urologist. There is a subspecialty in urology called urologic oncology. These urologists focus on cancer of the prostate and bladder. Even if you visit an oncologist, you may still need to visit a urologist. A urologist focuses mainly on everything bladder related. Males with bladder tumor may seek services of a urologist with a subspecialty of erection problems and impotence as well. Children will need to see a pediatric urologist.

Male Infertility

Yes, we have a subspecialty of urology for male infertility. Many things can cause male infertility, and a urologist may be able to help. Men experiencing these problems may seek the advice of a urologist who may determine the need for such medications as Viagra.

Don’t let yourself be embarrassed to death. Do the best thing and see a urologist if you are experiencing the above signs and symptoms on a regular basis.