All you need to know why you have to hire a professional company for Asphalt pavement construction

Opting for a paved driveway is something a lot better for most of the homeowners as compared to have to have a gravel and dirt driveway. Such a driveway that has been paved with tarmac is less likely to damage the vehicles with flying stones or leaving your car muddy or dirty. For this reason, most of the homeowners prefer having a paved driveway. In case you are also one of them and considering means on how to pave my driveway, you have reached the point where I have to unveil the secret. In this post, I am to list down some of the essential guidelines that you need to take into account when you want to get your driveway paved. Also, there is something called sealcoating that you should definitely read up on at sealcoating atlanta.

How difficult is it to pave asphalt:

What Do You Require?

– A gravel

– Liquid cement and asphalt mixer

– An Asphalt spreader

– And A drum roller

The Initial Layer

The initial layer requires to be laid down is the gravel. In this regard, you require having ample amount of gravel which will assist you to cover your entire driveway with a particular coating that is between 2 to 8″ thick. Anything less than that will not be able to make the base much sturdy, but if you do not want it to be that thick, then it is quite okay. You are required to extricate the area so that you can easily accommodate the gravel.

You should be spreading the gravel out evenly with the use of gravel spreader. Once you have been able to spread it, you can arrange your asphalt. Weed happens to be one of the additional ingredients here which will be useful in not having other weeds disrupt your driveway.

Spreading Down the Asphalt

First and foremost, you need to mix the asphalt and ensure that it is not hot. You should be wearing the safety equipment along with the required clothes, particularly during this phase. Once you have been able to prepare the asphalt, you can easily spread it throughout your driveway. Pour it on the required area and make sure you have spread it equally. An excellent tool here is the drum roller which you can make use of at this phase as it is useful in compressing the materials adequately.

When you are doing all this, you need to be aware of the fact that the liquid in the asphalt will be vanishing with the aid of the gravel that is underneath. This will enable it to cool and set much faster. The only thing you are left with is the wait, as the asphalt should be left unaided for some time like a day with no one even touching it so that it can settle itself appropriately.

Using Concrete

You can also utilize concrete when you are considering paving your driveway. The entire process is the same; you need to lay down the gravel first, spread it uniformly. Nevertheless, this happens to be quite an expensive approach

Hire a Professional Company For An Asphalt Repair

Larger cracked areas need to saw cut around the affected area, next dispose of the asphalt, then compact the base and finally pave the area with new hot asphalt. As you can see, this project will consist of heavy duty tools and equipment. Even though the tools can be rented and the materials needed can be purchased from your local hardware store without having a contractor license it can be dangerous and a huge expense if you do not have experience in the asphalt field.

An asphalt overlay is more economical because there is no cutting of the area and no disposal fees but knowing that you have an area that will not eventually do the same thing again, can be tricky. Water, the sun, and traffic can break down the chemicals that hold the asphalt together and break down the asphalt over time. This normal wear and tear is unstoppable and causes the pot holes and cracks. This allows water to wash away the base and therefore since there is nothing to hold the top layer… it crumbles. The base underneath the asphalt needs to be in good condition, or the asphalt will have the same problem you are trying to cover.