Honest Readings From Real Psychic

Psychic readings has been termed by many as a fraud and reality is that no one can blame you if you are one of them. With so many fraud Psychic coming up, many people have been conned, the belief in psychic readings is very low. If you intend on getting honest readings from real psychics, getting a real psychic is first on the list. But how does one know the one they are visiting is the real deal? Simple by looking for a review for cheap psychic reading from a real customer. But then again what should one look for in reviews on psychic readings?

Good and Bad news

In reviews on psychic readings, customers will always state in clear terms that they got bad and good news. Unlike fake readings bent on giving you information that is generally positive, real readings will give both without thinking if it will make them earn/lose points in reviews. The reading will be realistic and will not seem scripted from a fairy tale book. However the best part is that once they give the reading, they will not be vague about being clearer on the issue if you have questions of your own.

Confidential personal information

One of the thing that stands out in reviews on psychic readings from customers, is that real psychic often give information not privy to others but a close circle. This is usually as prove of true connection between you two. The information that the psychic gives usually cannot be found on social media and isn’t obvious.

Low prices

A good review on psychic readings from customers will always state that the charges were affordable. This is for the simple reason that since they give honest readings, they will never lack customers. The readings will not give you false hope and will never charge you for more to change your readings into something more positive. Still after the reading is done you will never feel manipulated to return to have other readings.

Give answers

Many who often give bad reviews on psychic readings often state that the psychic in question asked them a lot of questions. This was done to determine information of the customer so that the can fake the information. Information about date of birth is usually not divulged, as many fake ones often ask on this to go search for your sign online. A real psychic will ask on just your first name and give answers instead of asking any other questions.


When it comes to getting readings from a particular psychic, the reviews state professionalism was involved. This basically means that the do not speak on negative energy and evil spirits attached to you, to scare you into coming back. In addition information on accidents and deaths with not come up in the readings, as this is unprofessional behavior bent on ensuring you keep coming back to get a positive reading.

All in all when looking through Reviews on psychic readings, before settling on one, always look into the timeline the psychic in question has recommended one to come back for a reading. If the recommended reading is lower that 6-12 months, they most likely are cons. In addition if the information divulged sounds anything like the astrology ones from a newspaper, it is best to look for another psychic.