How to get around in Singapore

senior couple watching the sunset

Singapore has one of the most developed transport system in the world; so, if you have chosen to travel to the amazing country then you must know that you transport worries are taken care. The transport system is cost- efficient, and there are many options that you can use to get to your desired place in time.

Here are the different types of transport to bring you around in Singapore:

Train- this is the most effective system in the country, the mass rapid transit is very fast and you can get in the desired place within a matter of time. If you want to view around the town, you can use the train to get a clear picture of the whole city and the most astonishing places in Singapore.

The MRT system in the country is comfortable, air conditioned and operates majorly in the smaller towns in the country. The operating time for the train system is 5:30a.m to 12:30 a.m on daily basis. The MRT has prohibited eating, smoking and drinking while you are travelling in them.

If you wish to use the mass rapid transit, you can get tickets at the station for a single day or a free pass that will allow you to have unlimited transport with the train while you are in Singapore. The train system in Singapore also accommodates persons that are using wheel chairs, mothers with strollers, and visual impaired people.

LRT-light rapid transport is a feeder transport system that links residents to famous towns in the country. This kind of transport is used by residents to get in town and back.

Taxi-they are comfortable and very easy to spot while you are in Singapore; the taxi can access places that the train cannot get to and the bus. Cabins in Singapore are metered but they may be surcharged. This will depend on the place and when you are traveling.

By bus-it has extensive route in Singapore: buses cover most places in the country. It has been touted as the cheapest means to get around the country by many people, and the only way that you can visit many places in the country. If you want to travel by bus, you can pay fare using EZ-link that is a stored value card or a Singapore travel pass.

Traxi-This is a new method of transport in Singapore and it involves traveling and discovering Singapore in whole new way. If you want to connect with people in the country, then this is the best way to tour around the country. It works by choosing the available drivers in the country.

You simply put in details of your travel and date then you confirm your reservation by depositing money, this is to allow the driver to clear the entire schedule that they have on that particular day. The driver that you have picked will come to the place you are and take you to your destination. In this type of model, you make payment at the end of the tour.