The Case for Dental Implants

Missing teeth is a very common phenomenon in a lot of people. Now, tooth loss could be the resultant effect of accidents, injuries or poor oral health. Dentures have been on the scene for a very long time as a replacement for lost teeth but thanks to the advancement in science and technology, dental implants have been introduced that have proved their worth. Dental implants have become very popular, and they have a lot of advantages to offer. Some such benefits have been discussed below.

Dental implants function just like healthy natural teeth. Hence, you will find it easier to chew your food properly no matter how tough it is. You can eat as much steak as you want without having to worry about any consequences. You will also be able to talk confidently because you do not have to live in the fear that it could fall off any moment. Using dentures can prove to be extremely problematic because they do not stay in place for long. Using adhesives like Fixodent does not help, and it just becomes messier. Attending social functions becomes difficult because you need to talk to a lot of people and eat in front of them. Therefore dental implants can come to your rescue.

Dental implants from New Teeth Dental also make you look good. If a young man or a woman has lost a tooth or multiple teeth due to an accident, they will find it to be an extremely torturous experience to live as a social being. They will completely isolate themselves and refuse to socialize with their friends. But with the help of dental implants, they will be able to lead healthier and better lives, and their confidence will be boosted as well.

Getting dental implants does not mean that you have to spend hours just taking care of your teeth. They require the same kind of attention and dental hygiene similar to normal teeth, like brushing twice a day and flossing occasionally. Dentures, on the other hand, need to be cleaned on a regular basis and have to be soaked in water apart from carrying on with your normal oral hygiene regime. So why put in the extra effort? Get dental implants and chew easily.

But what you also need to know is the fact that not everybody can be considered as a prospective candidate for dental implants. Your dentist will have to carefully check your oral health to make sure that you will be able to support the treatment. Your dentist will need at least a few healthy tissues to work on.
Your dentist will assess your medical history before starting any cosmetic dental treatments. Considerations include:

Healthy gum and teeth to avoid future complications
Sufficient bone density, though this can be remedied through bone augmentation.
Not suffering from uncontrolled diabetes
Non-smoker or smokers who are willing to stop the habit to heal completely

Every situation is unique, and your dentist will carry out a complete exam to determine whether you need a single or two-stage treatment. More importantly, assessing the condition of your gums is critical before the procedure starts.

If you have missing teeth, you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. Visit your dentist and ask about this medical procedure, which not only gives your smile back but also boosts your confidence immensely.